Graduates from the National Circus School of Montreal, Maxime and Corentin are specialized in duo trapeze. After working together for more than six years, they have developed a strong connection and a vocabulary of their own that differentiates them from other trapeze acts. Creative, innovative and agile, they will dazzle you with their originality and their impressive technique.



Maxime Charron


As a child, Maxime loved to move. He was a little ball of energy. Lucky for him, his mother noticed his inability to stay still and signed him up for dance and gymnastics classes, allowing him to burn off some energy and develop his potential. After about 3 years of competitive gymnastics, he left that world for circus. Maxime was always the smallest in his class and has always liked to be launching into the air, so naturally he became a flyer.


During his years at the National Circus School of Montreal, he specialized in duo trapeze with his partner, Corentin. He also practiced aerial straps as a secondary discipline. However, throughout his lengthy journey as a student at the school he tried many different disciplines, which made him into the multidisciplinary artist he is today.


He loves to learn, play, create, and continually surpass himself. For him, every moment of life is important, and he wants to make the most of it.

Corentin Lemaître Auger

When he was young, Corentin was fascinated by height: he couldn’t stop trying to get off the ground. He climbed trees, structures, and anything his little hands could grab ahold of. He searched for sensations that gave him a feeling of weightlessness, trying to fulfill a desire to take flight.


Before discovering circus, he experimented with sports, music, dance, and visual arts. During a visit to the National Circus School of Montreal, his dream emerged: he wanted to be a student there and eventually become a circus artist. It was obvious to him that the multidisciplinary aspect of circus was going to be able to satisfy both his desire to move and his need to create.


Determined to make his dream come true, he enrolled in the school’s recreational program and continued through its college program. Over time, he explored a multitude of disciplines and developed his skills in acrobatics, dance, acting, juggling, and more. He specialized in duo trapeze, which he has now been practicing with Maxime for 6 years. He is also trained and experimented with German wheel as a secondary discipline.